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Airlift Technology provides professional aerial mapping, survey, 3D Reconstruction and inspection services throughout the country using our professional cutting-edge drone technology and Artificial Intelligence.

We provide you assistance to acquire your data

Measurement at your Desk

With the Maps and the models, you don't have to visit the site again and again. Measure your site multiple times with centimeter level accuracy.

Visualize in Wider Context

There are many different ways visualize the information about the site, we provide you with wide variation of maps and models.

Documentation & Records

Documentation is the key for success for any kind of project. Let the Maps and the models itself be a high resolution record of your work.

Drone-based 3D Reconstruction of Heritage Sites

It is not easy to get measurement of your sites, it takes days, weeks or even months to acquire the required data.

With the state-of-art 3D reconstruction technology we provide you 3D models which you can use for your measurements.

Mapping and Surveying in Multiple Dimensions

Drones and Image Processing have allowed high-quality 3D mapping and multi-spectral data to become much more accessible. This enables better management, faster and more informed decision making, and provides an accurate high-resolution archival record of every inch of your site.

Aerial Inspection

Drones provide a method for quicker and more affordable inspection of tall or inaccessible structures, while keeping staff out of harm’s way. Reduce inspection costs and improve your preventative maintenance schedule.

Special R&D Projects

Airlift Technology goes well beyond using off-the-shelf equipment. We have the staff and experience to tackle the most challenging aerial data projects, and welcome collaborative R&D work with innovative companies.

What do we Do

Drone Survey

3D Reconstruction


GIS Systems

Airlift Technology

We aim to disrupt the Nepali market with the state-of-art Technologies such as UAV, 3D reconstruction, AI and VR.


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We look forward to Possibilities.​

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